Online Bulk QR code generator

QRcodeW supports generating thousands of QR codes in bulk online, with no need to register or install.


Main Features of QRcodeW

QRcodeW will give you the best QR code generation experience.

Data Security

All QR code generate in you browser, your data will never be transfer or store, no data security worry.

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High-speed Generate

You can generate more than 5,000 QR code in one minute with incredible speed.

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Multi-Format Cheat sheet

Provide multi multi-format cheat sheet file, you can check the correspondence more conveniently.

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No Generate Limit

There is no limit to the number of QR codes and generation times with any pricing plan.

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How QRcodeW works.

QRcodeW is high-speed online bulk Qr codes generate, no need to register or install, just generate QR codes in your local browser.

The system will generate a unique link for you when you have purchased a plan, simply save your link then you can generate QR codes with no restrictions.

You can find your link with the reserved email address of your payment transaction ID if your link is missing.

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Our Pricing Plans

Select a pricing plan that suits you, the only difference is in validity period.


$29.95 USD

$9.95 USD

  • 30 days valid
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free updates
  • Commercially available
  • VIP Service Support


$95.95 USD

$29.95 USD

  • 120 days valid
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free updates
  • Commercially available
  • VIP Service Support


$189.95 USD

$89.95 USD

  • 365 days valid
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free updates
  • Commercially available
  • VIP Service Support

Any Questions? Answered

Find answers to frequently asked questions about QRcodeW.

It's simple and easy to generate QR codes with QrcodeW.
1、Paste the QR code text separate by the new line.
2、Modify the QR code settings according to your actual needs.
3、Click the generate button and confirm the number of QR codes.
4、Waiting for generate complete and download the zip file.
Absolutely yes!
All QR code generations and calculations are done in your browser using JavaScript. We don't send a little bit of your input data to our servers. There is no server-side processing at all.
Feel free to use QRcodeW and no need to worry about data security.
As a free user, you can generate 100 QR codes for free at a time, and there is no limit to the number of times you can generate them.
If you purchase a plan and become a paid user, you can generate an unlimited number of QR codes in batches.
There is only one difference between the different pricing plans, and that is the validity period. Other features and services are the same
Select a pricing plan that suits you.
When you purchase a plan, the system will generate an exclusive usage link for you. Every time you use the system, it will automatically jump to your link, and you can enjoy QRcodeW with no restrictions.
But when you use a new browser, you need to open your link in the browser manually, otherwise, the system may require you to purchase again.
It is recommended to save your link after purchase or you can find your link back when you need it.
QRcodeW is a browser-side online bulk QR codes generation tool, all calculations are processed in your browser, so there are certain requirements for your browser.
The system may not support some old versions of browsers. We recommended using the latest version of Chrome or Edge browser to use QRcodeW, to obtain the best experience.

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